our story


It all happened over a phone call in 2015 from Toronto to New York. Longtime friends, Christina Ciddio and Alex Lappano, had an idea to start their own video production company focused on creative original content.  With Christina’s Journalism and Alex’s Radio & Television background, they both combined their passions and expertise and created Eleven Ninety One Entertainment. 


Eleven Ninety One Entertainment started as an outlet for creative storytelling and today has become a production hub for content creation for entrepreneurs, businesses, brands, non-profits and influencers seeking marketable and branded material for their social outlets. 


We work with our clients to storyboard fresh ideas, create video and media strategies that share compelling footage that can be integrated into our client's cross-platform channels to increase and generate conversion of audiences. 


We strive on understanding our client's needs and the essence of their business and ensure that every project we create directly fits their brand.


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what does 

eleven ninety one mean?

The name Eleven Ninety One was a coincidence. Our founders were born in 1991, one month apart on the 11th.


But, we like to think Eleven Ninety One means more than that. Eleven Ninety One is a reflection of our identities, who we are and what our purpose is as millennials. We 90s kids with a dream and the drive built this company on the premise of creating a hub for storytelling. Eleven Ninety One has grown it's business to be a multi-platform production house of video, photography, digital graphic design & digital marketing services and we use our expertise to work one on one with business and brands to flourish their branding, marketing and share their stories! 


We are the generation of content creators who've built the frames of our own doors to open them. We're tech-savvy and just like most of our clients, we're entrepreneurs. 


This is Eleven Ninety One